University of East Anglia

Ocean2ice studentship

An iSTAR studentship has been announced at the University of East Anglia: “Seasonal cycle of Antarctic water masses using tagged marine mammals”

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iSTAR kick-off meeting

There will be an initiation, or “Kick-off” meeting for the iSTAR Programme on Monday 26th November. All project PIs, Co-Is and people already identified as working on the Programme are invited to attend. The meeting will be a full day and will most likely be held here at BAS, Cambridge. Please do attend this meeting… Read more »

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University of Reading

First iSTAR studentship announced

The first iSTAR PhD studentship has been announced at the University of Reading. This studentship relates to iSTAR D – the contribution to sea-level rise of the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica. More details are available on the Department of Meteorology’s website, including a more detailed project description. The deadline for applications is 28 October… Read more »

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Preparing for Antarctica

Preparations are now well underway for next year’s field seasons, both for the ocean forcing and icesheet response components of iSTAR. On the ocean side, mooring components have been bought and manufactured, and we hope to have all of the iSTAR moorings deployed next February in collaboration with the Korea Polar Research Institute, from their… Read more »

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