iSTAR kick-off meeting

There will be an initiation, or “Kick-off” meeting for the iSTAR Programme on Monday 26th November. All project PIs, Co-Is and people already identified as working on the Programme are invited to attend. The meeting will be a full day and will most likely be held here at BAS, Cambridge. Please do attend this meeting if you can.

The purpose of the meeting will be to formally launch the science phase of the Programme, as an integrated combination of the four constituent Projects. From the Programme Management side, we will present more details of what we anticipate for the Programme, the JCR cruise and the tractor traverses. This will also be the first significant opportunity for you to raise any questions you have, and I encourage you to do so.

The meeting is being arranged by Glenda Harden, tel 01223 221286. Please contact Glenda if you plan to attend, if you will require any overnight accommodation or if you have any other questions regarding arrangements.

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