The iSTAR traverse

A movie about the iSTAR traverse, shot on location by Alex Taylor of British Antarctic Survey and produced by Boffin Media

Sea level rise (audio only)

David Vaughan
David Vaughan talks about sea level rise on a beach in Punta Arenas, Chile. Credit: British Antarctic Survey

ice2sea Sea level rise video

David Vaughan talks about sea level rise. Video: British Antarctic Survey

IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

David Vaughan talks about the fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). David is a co-ordinating lead author for the chapter on observations in the cryosphere. Video: British Antarctic Survey


A tractor on the traverse on Pine Island Glacier. Video: British Antarctic Survey

UEA ocean research

A video about ocean research at the University of East Anglia, focusing on research using Seagliders. Video: University of East Anglia

Autosub recovery

Autosub being recovered from the ocean. Video: National Oceanography Centre

Seal-borne satellite relay data loggers (no audio)

Animation showing tags attached to elephant seals. Graphic illustrates the migratory patterns of the seals around Antarctica and as they leave the Kerguelen Islands. Video: Sea Mammal Research Unit, St Andrews University.

iSTAR caboose being offloaded from RRS Ernest Shackleton onto the ice

The iSTAR caboose being lifted on to the ice shelf from the RSS Ernest Shackleton. Video: British Antarctic Survey

Mooring deployment (no audio)

Time lapse video of an oceanographic mooring being deployed in the Amundsen Sea. Video: British Antarctic Survey