Sno-cat being loaded at Rothera.

First update from Rothera

We have received our first update from Antarctica! Peter Lambert (PhD student, University of Reading) arrived at Rothera research station one week ago, and sent us the following report today: Base: At Rothera there is Andy, Tom, Anna, Liz and myself and everything is currently going really well. We have been carrying out our basic… Read more »

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Working on Pine Island Glacier

What first got you interested in working in this part of West Antarctica? Pine Island Glacier is a super-interesting area for Glaciologists and Oceanographers alike. You only need to look at satellite images to see that it’s one of the fastest changing areas on the planet. But there are a lot of things you can’t… Read more »

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Preparing for Antarctica

Preparations are now well underway for next year’s field seasons, both for the ocean forcing and icesheet response components of iSTAR. On the ocean side, mooring components have been bought and manufactured, and we hope to have all of the iSTAR moorings deployed next February in collaboration with the Korea Polar Research Institute, from their… Read more »

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