University of East Anglia

Ocean2ice studentship

An iSTAR studentship has been announced at the University of East Anglia: “Seasonal cycle of Antarctic water masses using tagged marine mammals”

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iSTAR kick-off meeting

There will be an initiation, or “Kick-off” meeting for the iSTAR Programme on Monday 26th November. All project PIs, Co-Is and people already identified as working on the Programme are invited to attend. The meeting will be a full day and will most likely be held here at BAS, Cambridge. Please do attend this meeting… Read more »

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University of Reading

First iSTAR studentship announced

The first iSTAR PhD studentship has been announced at the University of Reading. This studentship relates to iSTAR D – the contribution to sea-level rise of the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica. More details are available on the Department of Meteorology’s website, including a more detailed project description. The deadline for applications is 28 October… Read more »

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