iStar deployment news

November 18th

The iStar D scientists have flown out to Pine Island Glacier to start their work on the traverse. Liz Morris, from the Scott Polar Research Institute, reported weather conditions were fine at Rothera on Saturday (16th) when they began their journey south with the programme’s Science Leader, Andy Smith. They were transported in BAS’ two Twin Otters which were due to land on an improvised airstrip close to the tractor train. If weather conditions on Pine Island Glacier weren’t good enough, they were hoping to get to BAS’ refueling and storage station at Sky Blu at the least.

Everyone at Rothera gave them a hearty sending off wishing them “good weather and good surfaces” in the days ahead! Liz said it was a proud moment for Simon Garrod and the Ops team “who’d done so much to get this show on the road”.


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