First Dash 7 flight to Sky Blu being loaded.

Ready to fly out

With the weather clearing up, the skies around Rothera have been busy with Twin Otters and Baslers, but the most important flight to get everything moving for iSTAR was made on Sunday.

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Sno-cat being loaded at Rothera.

First update from Rothera

We have received our first update from Antarctica! Peter Lambert (PhD student, University of Reading) arrived at Rothera research station one week ago, and sent us the following report today: Base: At Rothera there is Andy, Tom, Anna, Liz and myself and everything is currently going really well. We have been carrying out our basic… Read more »

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DASH 7 landing at Rothera Research Station.

… and they’re off!

The first members of the iSTAR tractor traverse have now arrived in Antarctica, with more joining them over the next weeks.

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